It’s almost impossible to imagine what life was like without Dropbox.

Hands down one of the most useful software solutions ever devised, Dropbox allows you to sync your files across any number of different devices with nothing more than dragging and dropping. Dropbox has revolutionized the way that we collaborate (and backup) our information – and it has become one of the hottest tech commodities in the world.

With literally millions and millions of people all over the world using Dropbox right now – at this very moment – it’s difficult to imagine too many people not understanding the power of Dropbox. However, we’re going to break down why Dropbox is so important, who uses it and why, and why you need to download and use Dropbox just as soon as humanly possible in this relatively quick Dropbox review.

Let’s dive in!

What exactly is Dropbox?

If you’ve been wondering what Dropbox is, just think of it as a file folder on your PC and it lives somewhere in the ether of the Internet – accessible by any other computer or device you have.

Basically a “cloud” based file system, you’re able to drag and drop your files to Dropbox – a special folder on your computer that syncs with Dropbox – and voilà, you’re done. It really is that simple and straightforward to get started with Dropbox.

Thanks to some pretty exciting engineering and programming behind the scenes, Dropbox is able to protect and share all of your information across a broad range of devices – allowing you to use your documents, multimedia, and other files anywhere you are so long as you have an Internet connection. Dropbox works across Windows, Mac, and other operating systems (including those of popular smartphones and tablets) making Dropbox ridiculously powerful and super usable.

Why would I want to use Dropbox anyways?

There are number of different reasons you want to use Dropbox throughout your daily life.

For one, all of us could use Dropbox as the perfect “Dropbox” for our most sensitive and precious files. While the free account of Dropbox only allows for 2 GB of storage, that still plenty of room to protect a ton of information and files – file that you can link up the moment that you start using Dropbox.

This gives you the ability to tap into “cloud-based storage”, one of the biggest buzzwords of the modern technological revolution. Basically, Dropbox is your off-site backup location for the files that you cannot afford to lose – the kind of protection that you simply don’t get with any other solution within Dropbox.

Secondly, Dropbox allows you to access all of the information and files on a single computer across a broad range of devices. This means that you can do work on your home computer, sync it to Dropbox, and then connect with it on your work computer, Dropbox account on your phone or tablet, or any other machine that has Internet accessibility and a Dropbox installation.

This gives you complete and total peace of mind moving forward – knowing that Dropbox has all of your important information and files no matter when or where you may need them.

Thirdly, Dropbox makes collaboration easier than ever before. Not only can you use Dropbox to share new photos with friends – the moment that you take them – but you can also pass along documents in a private setting, collaborate on new projects or tasks, Dropbox movies or other files that you want to share, the options are literally endless.

Dropbox also makes for a perfect business environments when it comes to collaboration. Say you’re working on a big project – a pitch for a job that you have to land. Start a file in Dropbox, allow everyone to see as it gets revised in real time (by everyone on the team) and then follow along with the very best revisions – saving it in Dropbox for all to access moving forward. That’s just one example of how Dropbox can impact your business almost from the moment that you decide to install it in your infrastructure.

Dropbox also has a tremendous reputation for being ridiculously safe and secure. The people behind Dropbox have created an encrypted environment, meaning that your information is going to stay secure no matter what. Dropbox prides itself on keeping all of the files that it backs up in the cloud secure and away from prying eyes, allowing you to use Dropbox for whatever you want to – free from any sort of attack or intrusion. Other cloud services simply cannot offer the same kind of protection that Dropbox can, making it one of the most popular options available today.

Who is using Dropbox?

Seemingly everyone is using Dropbox right now, but we’ve broken down just a handful of specific segments that are using it on a daily basis.

You have your usual and every day computer users looking to back up their sensitive information using Dropbox, but you also have power users tapping into all the different tricks and tips that Dropbox developers have offered. Businesses – small and large – are using Dropbox on a daily basis, and entrepreneurs who are stepping away from the game to get a little bit of rest and recovery are also using Dropbox to sync up with their teams while away.

In fact, there are even a handful of new stories about the US Government experimenting with Dropbox like technology – and why wouldn’t they? Dropbox is so ridiculously simple and seamless to use, and it makes for the perfect environment to cut out much of the clutter and confusion plaguing our government right now.

Final verdict

Dropbox is hands down one of the “must-have” software solutions for the modern world. This no reason not to have Dropbox on your machine right now, but if you don’t you need to run out and grab it just as soon as humanly possible. Dropbox gives you the peace of mind and security that you’re looking for when it comes to sharing and backing up your digital files – and also gives you ridiculous flexibility when it comes to accessing that same information. Grab Dropbox today