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Specifications & Requirements

  • Users' Rating : stars
  • Downloads : 1 332 292
  • OS Support : Windows 8/ Windows 7/Vista/Xp
  • Version :
  • Price : Free
  • Last Updated :07/02/2014

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Top Features

  • Video Chat with 12 Friends at once
  • Free to use everywhere
  • Easy Setup - 60 Second Installation


ooVoo is a FREE app to video chat up-to 12 friends at the same time. You can chat with them anywhere via PC, Phone or Tablet. Just call your friends and talk to them face to face

How To Install

  1. Click the "Download Now" Button.
  2. Download ooVoo Installer to your PC.
  3. Run the installer & follow the on-screen.


Get the Best of Oovoo


OoVoo is a free app that allows as many as twelve users on Facebook to enjoy a text and video session together. The app is easy to install with a view of 4 chat users at any one time while scrolling screens display other users online. There is a host of dynamic features such as search, initiate, chat and video/photo messaging as well as colourful filters and conversation history to make ooVoo versatile. This ooVoo app is a great benefit to Facebook users with the powerful text and video chatting facility available.

ooVoo free app is now available in Windows, iOS and Android platforms with no extra purchases of in-apps needed. This free text and video chatting app functions similarly to Google Hangout and Skype. Users need to have an account on a social media site such as Facebook with a profile. When the user is logged in, ooVoo imports all available contacts from related social media networks and devices especially those using ooVoo. ooVoo users can invite their contacts to text and chat via video with their listing on a special list generated. Four ooVoo users can be seen on the screen at any time while scrolling brings on users on other screens. It is possible to zoom in on any preferred user with a small window displaying the feed.

To initiate ooVoo Video Chat session, users must log into Facebook and ping others logged in. The session includes initiating a text chat and video chat with different sets of users simultaneously. ooVoo search features allows a quick search of those online with ooVoo Video Chat to enable a call initiative. ooVoo Video Chat uses VoIP with the common lag on image and voice. The video sessions are deemed to be effective and satisfactory as an ideal app for youth although adults may use it for conference calls which may not be frequent with business people without a Facebook account. There is a lot of flexibility with ooVoo Video Chat compared to other market video/text chat apps.
The stunning ooVoo mobile app uses a simple interface that permits a quick call to as many as 12 users simultaneously on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and LTE. The search and add function is simple and fast for a dynamic group video chat of high quality. Thus, it is not surprising to have over 80 million users on ooVoo. Its features on the new mobile app include 4 dynamic innovations; 1) the Tap-Tap-GO! 2) Video status messages 3) full page profile screen 4) Fab 5. Tap-Tap-Go! feature builds a dynamic group video chat easily; the video status is always visible; screen profiles feature ooVoo movies and profile pics; Fab 5 lists the user’s top 5 friends’ contact on ooVoo popup speed dial.

The new releases of ooVoo offer colourful and creative filters used in call-in videos, photo and video messaging, friends’ profile viewing and 4 efficient connections; video, voice, video message and instant text. It is easy to search for other contacts on ooVoo or another social media network such as Facebook and Twitter. It is possible to review user’s past messages or conversation history with a single touch for recall. Saved photos and videos can be readily retrieved with incoming media saved automatically. Profile pic and ooVoo video status can be changed and saved along with the necessary settings. The high quality is very much retained in the new releases of ooVoo due to the cutting edge technology employed. Hence, users can enjoy crystal-clear audio with a clearly visible image on videos.

The ooVoo video chat app quality is dependent on the user’s device’s processing power. The system cloud servers offer a solid connectivity with an auto adjustment to the video call and connection speed for a smooth chat session even if the network speed is slow. Daily routines with ooVoo are smooth and efficient on photos and video updates using the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. ooVoo instant text messaging can be executed on the desktop, laptop or tablet for free video and voice calls at anytime from anywhere.

The latest version of ooVoo has been sprayed for bugs to ensure a more efficient application. Most software reviews give a 3.5/5 star rating on ooVoo while the average user rating is 5/5. There is a seamless interaction between computer and mobile users with ooVoo.

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